Get of to a beautiful city WANAKA

Today morning we can wake up a little bit late.  We ate some boiled eggs for breakfast.  We left our camp site at 8:10 am to the salmon farms, salmon there was very delicious and fresh we eat many therre and we also bought 1 more kilos off the farm  for today dinner and tomorrow breakfast. On the way to Wanaka travel through Haast through Lake Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea before arriving at Wanaka, we stopped to play at Puzzling World the maze there were very difficult for us. take up to one hour in the maze of the , we also have a time to shopping before eat dinner and go to bed.

***Haast is a city that look like desert.  And in this city the Haast Eagle that already extinct were once live here too***

On the helicopter to the Glacier

Today we planed to travel to the Franz Josef Glacier. In the morning, we ate macaroni that is prepared yesterday. At lunch we ate only some bread with chocolate on it that my mom made. After we have finished eating lunch it is a  special event because we will go on to the helicopter to Franz Josef Glacier.  When we arrived at the glacier we play with the snow thereand afyer that we flew to also see the Fox glacier.  After coming down from a helicopter mom bought  some toys for my sister it looks to be the most expensive thing we bought in this trip it cost us about $NZ58.  But in the Puzzling World it sold for only 32 dollars ( The Puzzling world is on the way from Franz Josef to Wanaka).

The Third Day Good Bye Christchurch

Morning came, we rushed out of the Top 10 Holiday Park without breakfast the stomach.  We intend to eat pie in Sheffield on the way to the pie shop is very beautiful and full of store. This pie shop is very delicious and have been awarded many time.  By the time we finished ate breakfast, we go to the Castle Hill, it looks like a stone lying scattered everywhere, we spent the time at Castle Hill not very long because the way to the Castle. Hill is a little bit of hills so we arrived at  Castle Hill later than scheduled, then we went straight to Arthur Pass. On the way to Arthur Pass we walking down on to the middle of the road stretch and take some picture without a car pass.  Beside the road from Castle Hill and Authur Pass there is a  a beautiful lake it called Lake Pearson.  We stop and have some lunch after we haven reached Arthur Pass.  On this day we have changed a little bit of plan we travel through Greymouth to Punakaiki Pancake Rock we walk into Pancake Rock takes about 20 minutes to complete.  Then we went back down to the Top 10 Greymouth to eat dinner and prepare breakfast for tomorrow morning.  Because of tired we all sleep quickly.

@ Sheffield Pie Shop

Castle Hill !!!

No car at all ???

Arriving At Authur's Pass


Punakaiki Pancake Rock

Done for today

Lake Pearson: In the summer people come to swim but during the winter the lake becomes ice so the ice skating were very popular during winter.  Also during November and December the most popular activities at Lake Pearson is Fishing

Arriving At New Zealand

After a long nap, it’s closer to the destination.  Before we arrived breakfast is served. When we arrived at Christchurch we go to do some practice to drive a camper van after practice to drive and little bit of how to charge and know where the thing were kept Then we were very excited to live on the camper van for a while we first travel to the Top 10 Holiday Park it is the best camp site in New Zealand. on the way to the camp site we saw many malls so that means our camp site is not far away from a mall the first mall that we go to shopping is called Count Down shopping Mall  Then the North Land shoppng mall, we stopped eating those Japanese restaurant name ST.pierres Northlands Bento Bowl .  At the restaurant the salesman were also from Thailand so it make our communication so much easier.We also met Thailand people who work in schools. They say the restaurant is this mall were all very delicious.  Also the airport property is safe to play games and win prizes from the game machine.  In Thailand  there no game machine and the vendering machine like this. In Thailand there are only the soft drink vendering machine.  There are no Rugby balls, French Fries, Candy vendering machine and many more like New Zealand

Get Off To New Zealand

Today is the first day of a trip to New Zealand.  But we have to change the plane at Kuala Lumpur before go straight to New Zealand.   We rushed out of the house since. 10:30 because of some problem in the airport.  We arrived at 12:00, we went to the counter try to check in early, but the staff told us to go to have lunch first the gate is still close.  We went to eat lunch at the restaurant called Lee’s Cafe in the airport it is a chineese restaurant.  the price here are almost double the price as it normally in the city, we went back to load the luggage and check-in with no problem.  Then we have a problem. The gate to the plane would not open.  The people gather everywhere we found the Chinese people with a bad habit overtaking line up because they think it will be up before the outlet. that most Chinese people are coming down the line, we have no problem traveling from Bangkok to Malaysia when we arrived at malaysia it was 18:30.  Local time of Malaysia and Thailand  Malaysia is one hour earlier than Thailand, we ate some food at Uncle D’s food, some dishes are OK, but some of the dishes. It not taste very well like Thailand food. We just have to sit for long I have to wait about a year. 2 hours before boarding the plane to New Zealand our  flight is  D7 0282.  I planed that when I got on to the plane I will take a long nap.


ไอติมหวานเย็นโบราณหลายคนคงอยากรู้วิธีทำไอติมหวานเย็นโบราณงั้งเรามาทำกันเลย ส่วนผสม 1มะพร้าว 2นำ้ตาลปี๊ป 3เกลือ 4น้ำอุ่น วิธีทำ 1เอามะพร้าวผสมกับน้ำแล้วใช้มือบีบมะพร้าวจะได้น้ำกะทิ 2เอาน้ำกะทิที่ได้ใส่หม้อแล้วเปิดไฟเบาๆต้องระวังไม่ให้กะทิเดือดเเรง 3ใส่น้ำตาลปี๊ปและเกลือหวานเค็มตามชอบ 4ปิดไฟและนำใส่แม่พิมพ์ไอติมแช่ให้แข็งประมาณ3-4ชั่วโมงจะได้ไอติมที่ออกมามีหลายชั้นหลายสี รองทำกันดูง่ายๆไม่ยากอร่อยแน่คะ่

Trip to New Zealand !!!

New Zealand or in Maori languages called Aotearoa.  It means “land of the long white cloud”.  New Zealand is a country include of two major islands The island North Island and the South Island.  And also including a number of small islands in the Pacific Ocean. New Zealand’s capital city is Wellington . New Zealand is far away from other countries.  Australia is the nearest country to New Zealand. New Zealand was first rule by Maori. However, there is a Holland explorer named Abel Tasman Man  was sailing along through Australia and New Zealand have found the island. And notice that Maori people are very friendly.  Then New Zealand is well known in Europe for the beautiful planting crops and animals farming. Later, Captain James Cook sailed into it.  Good luck that the people on the ship could speak some Maori language and exchange some weapons and some of the farming crops because they have known that Maori have the wario bloode.  New Zealand is mainly  from the British.  New Zealand has a population of 3.8 million people mostly living in the North Island about 2/3 . people mostly live in large cities such as Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch, etc.  New Zealand have huge amount of sheep.  They have about 43 millions of sheep.  New Zealand national sport is rugby. The Silver Fern is a symbol of New Zealand Men’s National Rugby Team. Also known as the All Blacks.  New Zealand rugby team represents  in many  international competition.  New Zealand All Blacks team have the most victories. And a team with a winning record over every team participating in international competition. A team that has been ranked as the longest total time to be the number 1 rugby team . And in the past 100 years there were only 5 of 20 teams that can win over New Zealand.   New Zealand national team, All Blacks have won 75 percent of the international competition since 1903.

Logo for All Black Rugby team.

Baked Potato With Some Grilled Bacon

Baked Potato is another easy menu and takes a lot of time to make it. The ingredients are very easy to find in every market.

There are ingredients like: potato, salt,olive oil, grilled bacon and some butter.

How to cook is very easy:

1. Used fork to make many hole all over the potatoes.

2. Put olive oil all over the potatoes.

3. Lay salt down on the tray and put the potatoeson the salt.

4. Put it in the oven at the temperature about 175 degrees for 45-50 minutes.

5. Cut the potatoes in half and put some butter between the potato that you cut and put it in the oven again for 1-3 minutes.

6. Grilled some bacon and put it on the baked potatoes

Islamic Chicken Soup

Last week I was try to cook some Islamic food that call “Islamic chicken soup”.  It was not too hard but it takes a lot of times. It was a wonderful Islamic food.  The reason I choose to do it because I have tried to eat a yummy chicken soup before at Tesco Lotus food court.  The recipe I do the ingredient include: 2 onions, 5 tomatoes, 3 potatoes, 800g of chicken drumstick/middle chicken wing,
1tbsp of deep fried red onion, 1 celery, 1 tbsp of chili/ 2tbsp of lemon juice,
1.5L of water. How to do is very easy
there are just 5 easy instructions:
1. Chop the chicken wing into any size you like.
2. Boil 1.5 L of water.
3. Wait until it starts to boil chop potatoes, onions and tomatoes in to a dice.
4. Look until potato and chicken are done then youadd some fish sauce into the soup.
5. When you serve you just add some deepfried red onion, chili, lemon juice and celery into the soup.

Chicken Wing With Red Wine Sauce

There were many recipes that we need to add a little Chinese wine. And my first try with Chinese wine is called Chicken Wings with Red Wine Sauce. One bottle of Chinese wine costs about 200 Baht.

The ingredient includes:

Chicken wing 600g.

Tomato sauce100ml

Oyster sauce2 tbsp

Chinese wine1 ½ tsp

Sugar 1 ½ tbsp

Soy sauce5 tbsp

Chili sauce

Flour for deep fried

How to do:

1st Put soy sauce, sugar and oyster sauce in a bowl of chicken wings. And put it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

2nd Put the chicken wing into the flour for deep fried.

3rd Fried the chicken until it turns yellow.

5th Put the tomato sauce on the chicken and stir until the tomato sauce are start to be a little bit dry.

6th Put some Chinese wine in and stir. Then it ready to eat.